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Match Report - 13 Nov 2022, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Joga FC


Joga 4 –5 Rovers

Everyone once in a while you get a game which lives long in the memory and, for me personally, reaffirms why I enjoy the Rovers so much. Sunday was the absolute epitome of that and our 3rd round draw away at SE Dons is just deserts for a fine win and all the endeavour this season that hasn’t quite paid off at times.

That game against SE Dons is our cup final of 2022 and we must believe we can beat them and let’s treat every game up to that as practice for it.

I could not have scripted going 2-0 inside 20 mins to be leading 3-2 at half time let alone seal passage into the next round.

It was a full 1-16 performance with everyone playing their part in the win and proving what a special club the Rovers can be.

I could’ve written 6 pages on this match report and still not give it’s goes.

1-0 Shaf concedes a pen after their attacker does a Vardy and leaves his trailing foot behind and catches Shaf’s outstretched leg. I don’t believe these should be pens but I should also join the modern world and listen to my own teammates who said it was a stonewall pen. 10 mins.

2-0 We give away a free kick outside the box on our left-hand side. It’s swung in with quality and a Joga FC attacker leaps head and shoulders above everyone else to head into the far post. 15 mins

2-1 Sheridan gets into the game with great effect, getting his head down, boshing into the far corner of the penalty area and belting the ball into the far corner out of absolutely nothing. Zac with the assist. 20 mins.

2-2 A J.Lambert long throw sees Tim get on the end of it to nod it home.

3-2 Zac completes the comeback with a fine breakaway and a cooly slotted shot in the far corner of the net.


3-3 We’re absolutely cruising and looking well on top in the match but we concede and arguably softer pen as Marcus is penalized for taking their attacker from behind after minimal contact. 55 mins.

*INCIDENT* Angelos gets booked for not entering the field of play at the halfway line as substitute. Cheers Ref. 60 mins.

*INCIDENT* Pybus saves another pen down to his right. 65 mins.

3-4 We break away soon after the pen and Zac SR is in behind their right full back and clips home down the centre of the goal with a well-placed left foot shot. 70 mins.

*INCIDENT* With the Rovers going mad in the goal celebration and inside their own half, the Ref signals for play to start and we’re all at sea desperately trying to stop the goal.

4-4 Looking well on top once again, Joga FC break away in behind our right full back. Somehow, their striker manages to squeeze the ball in at the near post after opening up his body and then clipping it back inside. 80 mins

5-4 A shot is well struck and hits a Joga FC hand. The ref gives a pen and Tim boll0cks it straight down the middle for the winning goal. 85 mins

*INCIDENT* - J.Lambo produces a moment of unimaginably intelligent sh1thousery as Joga FC streak away in the final moments and he scythes an attacker down as we looks wide open and vulnerable. Even their supporters applaud it. 92 mins

MOM : Shaf took the MOM plaudits for a Kante / Maddison performance he was everywhere.

League website

Match Details for Sunday 20th November

This is the ‘FA Cup’ of the Southern Sunday Football League where all teams in the 12 divisions play off against each other in a knockout FA Cup competition.

The cup draw has opened up very nicely for us so let’s take the opportunity for cup glory and beat Junction Elite! We appear to be the cup specialists now!

Opposition : Junction Elite 2nds

Competition : Marcus Lipton 2nd Round

Meet Time : 9.30am

Kick Off Time : 10.30am.

Venue : Kings House Sports Ground. Riverside Drive, Dukes Meadow, Chiswick, London, W4 2SH,+Dukes+Meadow,+Chiswick,+London,+W4+2SH&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi0gImm4Y37AhULYsAKHXhpBiIQ0pQJegQICRAB


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Joga FC 4 - 5 Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Pete Boyd  
2 Danny Cain  
3 A.N. Other  
4 Ryan Cerenko  
5 Sean Dale  
6 Charlie Durnam  
7 Seb Finkle  
8 Jake Green  
9 Daniel Henery  
10 Drew Hill  
11 Tom Howes  
12 Zac Hughes  
13 Dan Humphrey  
14 Ashley Hyrycz  
15 Graeme Keenan  
16 Evan Ramsden  
17 Alex Lambert  
18 James Lambert  
19 Harry Latter  
20 Tim Louis   2
21 Sharif Madeebo  
22 Jack Allsop  
23 Nick Nicou  
24 Jonah Privett  
25 Danny Pybus  
26 Alvaro Romero  
27 Sam Russon  
28 Zachary Sampson-Regal   2
29 Jonathan Senning  
30 Alex Shahin  
31 James Smith  
32 Lewis Vyse  
33 Matt Warren  
34 Sheridan Campbell   1
35 James Foster  
36 Ollie Baggett  
37 Naryan Mangat  
38 Chris Godwin  
39 Chris Kew  
40 A.N. Other  
41 Marcus Bounds  
42 Nick Brandford  
43 Felix Hamer  
44 Ben Roohan  
45 Chris Sharp  
46 James Ford  
47 Charlie Smith  
48 Chris Howe  
49 Angelos Georgiadis  
50 A.N. Other  
51 A.N. Other  
52 A.N. Other  
53 A.N. Other  
54 A.N. Other  
55 A.N. Other  
56 A.N. Other  
57 A.N. Other  
58 A.N. Other