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Match Report - 06 Mar 2022, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Wimbledon Town


From the ridiculous to the sublime. That felt very much like the Clapham Rovers I know.

We showed all the Neil Warnock requirements; heart, determination, passion, courage, teamwork, bravery alongside playing some really decent football at times.

Goals from Shaf, Seb, J-Lambert and Seb again sealed a comprehensive win where we always looked the most hungry to win.

Moment of the match was Tim Louis almost scoring with a header from 50 yards if not for a fine save, closely followed by a J-Lamber finely choreographed hoik into the box.

Man of the match was Ash for a ‘Man of Steel’ performance at the back.

Have a read of that league table. Win the league or get relegated. What’s it going to be?

League website

Match Details for Sunday 13th March 2022

This week we’re playing in the Frank Blunstone Cup. Next round qualification is beyond us but useful for us to continue the good form we’ve gotten back into.

Opposition : Cosmos United

Competition : Frank Blunstone Cup Group D

Meet Time : 9.30am

Kick Off Time : 10.30am.

Venue : Dundonald Recreation Ground, Dundonald Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3QH


Club account balance –£352.34

If you owe money, please transfer to

Christopher W Kew



Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers 4 - 1 Wimbledon Town ()

Name Goals Details
1 Majed Abdu  
2 Nathan Booker  
3 Pete Boyd  
4 Brad Hill  
5 Danny Cain  
6 Muataz Kallab  
7 Andy Carswell  
8 Ryan Cerenko  
9 Richard Clifford  
10 David Cremin  
11 James Ellenger  
12 Bernard Finkle  
13 Seb Finkle   2
14 John Rimmer  
15 Zachary Sampson-Regal  
16 Stef Geraldes  
17 Chris Godwin  
18 Jake Green  
19 Drew Hill  
20 Zac Hughes  
21 Graeme Keenan  
22 Harry Stanley  
23 Chris Kew  
24 Alex Lambert  
25 James Lambert   1
26 Gaz Lloyd  
27 Oscar Lopez-Valido  
28 Tim Louis  
29 Sharif Madeebo   1
30 Ahmed Achaibou  
31 Shaun McKee  
32 Nick Nicou  
33 Jonah Privett  
34 Danny Pybus  
35 Fraser Scott  
36 Alex Shahin  
37 James Smith  
38 Lewis Vyse  
39 Charlie Titterton  
40 Des Walker  
41 Alex Wellington  
42 Chet Bellchambers  
43 Daniel Henery  
44 Matt Warren  
45 John O'Rourke  
46 Daniel Mansour  
47 Rob Cole  
48 Matt Wright  
49 Ashley Hyrycz  
50 Elias Jose  
51 Tom Howes  
52 Dan Humphrey  
53 Naryan Mangat  
54 Filip Wojtowicz  
55 James Foster