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Match Report - 14 Feb 2016, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Cool Oak Rangers

Rovers 6 – 0 Cool Oak Rangers
On a cold, windswept and sandy pitch we demolished Cool Oak Rangers, ended our losing run and gained a clean sheet. Let’s just do that every week from now on please.
Cool Oak, did their usual routine of arriving at the pitch in dribs and drabs whilst we went through our pre – match warmup. Our preparation paid dividends in spades as we profited from the Cool Oak disarray.
Smudger opened the scoring with a goal I shall christen ‘The Looper’ and thus shall be referred to as this henceforth. With his back to goal, Rich held the ball up on the left hand corner of the area and flicked it to the on rushing Smudger. Smudger absolutely wellied it towards goal in a fashion akin to Vardy vs Liverpool, but with the ball travelling more vertical than horizontal. As it sped it’s way to the net the Cool Oak keeper did a fantastic Bruce Grobelaar wobbly legs impression on the line as he tried to position himself for the catch. Being a goalkeeper of absolutely no ability whatsoever, I quickly recognised a fellow member of the select gang and it was no surprise when the keeper got nowhere near the ball and we went 1-0 up.
Milby picked up the ball in central midfield, advanced several yards and taking advantage of the freedom afforded, played a wonderful through ball to Patrick who had sprung the offside trap and found himself 1-1 with the keeper. Patrick absolutely buried it with a finish at the near post with the keeper expecting it a shot towards the far post.
Breaking from the left back position, Moley scamped down the line and took on a couple of Cool Oak Rangers. Laying a cute pass inside he played in Patrick who had his back to goal and showed great vision to subsequently offload to the onrushing Smudger once more. Smudger steadied himself, took a couple of touches and rammed the ball in at the near post.
Milby and Patrick reprised their double act for the 2nd. Patrick dispatching the ball for a simple passed finish in the box after unselfish play from Milby.
Gaz on the right wing took advantage of a wonderful ball in behind the fullback from Matt Wright and replicated the quality with a nice square pass to the lurking Patrick who completed his hat trick. A brilliant goal in it’s simplicity and quality.
Smudger completes his hattrick and takes home half a Sondico (Patrick taking home the other half,) with a reprise of the same combination which put us 3-0. Moley put the ball into Patrick who laid it off to Smudger. Simple as that.
Our 6th saw the end of the first half and indeed the end of the scoring for the match. The 2nd half saw Cool Oak get it together and gain some semblance of solidity. We still continued to create chances and Milby, Patrick, Smudger, Matt, J5 and Rich all went close at various stages. Cool Oak did manage to create an array of chances so it was therefore highly pleasing to come away from with a clean sheet at the final whistle.
From 1-14 we were absolute magnificent and it was a ruddy pleasure to watch.
MOM. Rich took home Man of the Match award for his tireless energy, effort and no small amount of quality on the left hand side.
Special mention in dispatches must go to Pybus for sending his Missus home with Rich whilst he remained at the Ship with the Rovers....On Valentine’s Day. I’m still doffing my Rovers emblazoned cap to you for your commitment to the Rovers and a Snazzy Sunday.


Please also find a link to the prediction league below. We’re now at the halfway point of the season so see how you’re getting on.

10 Teams Games
Played Games
Won Games
Drawn Games
Lost Goals
For Goals
Against Goal
Difference Points
Club Lixus
13 11 1 1 59 21 +38 34
London St George
11 7 1 3 31 20 +11 22
Chelsea Town
8 6 1 1 29 10 +19 19
Clapham Rovers
10 6 0 4 34 21 +13 18
Real Northern 'A'
11 5 2 4 23 25 -2 17
10 5 1 4 30 17 +13 16
Kings United
9 3 5 1 20 18 +2 14
London Titans
14 2 1 11 12 49 -37 7
Cool Oak Rangers
13 2 0 11 16 53 -37 6
Accrington Stanley Bowles
11 1 2 8 12 32 -20 5
Senior Amateur Division Results 14th February
1 1 Accrington Stanley Bowles v Kings United
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

6 0 Clapham Rovers v Cool Oak Rangers
King's House W4 2RZ

5 0 Club Lixus v London St George
King's House W4 2RZ

1 0 Real Northern 'A' v London Titans
Riverside Lands W4 2SX
Margaret & Ron Halfacre MBE Challenge Cup Fixtures 21st Feb
007 Real Northern 'B' v Cool Oak Rangers [ Semi Final ]
King's House W4 2RZ

008 Clapham Rovers v Accrington Stanley Bowles [ Semi Final ]
King's House W4 2RZ

Senior Amateur Division Fixtures 21st Feb
Club Lixus v Real Northern 'A'
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

Invictus v London St George
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

Kings United v Chelsea Town
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers 6 - 0 Cool Oak Rangers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Tom Elliott  
2 A.N. Other  
3 Nathan Booker  
4 Andy Carswell  
5 Ryan Cerenko  
6 Joel Cleary  
7 James Daly  
8 Dan Endara  
9 Juan Endara  
10 Chris Godwin  
11 A.N. Other  
12 Jimmy Joyce  
13 Graeme Keenan  
14 Chris Kew  
15 Gaz Lloyd  
16 Dan Wellman  
17 James Mark  
18 Shaun McKee   3
19 Stuart Miller  
20 Ian Mole  
21 A.N. Other  
22 Danny Pybus  
23 Charlie Richards  
24 Dan Horner  
25 James Smith   3
26 Griff Stevens  
27 Richard Storey  
28 Gin Trewhella  
29 Matt Warren  
30 Joe Whittle  
31 Nick Woodward  
32 Matt Wright  
33 Gori Yahaya  
34 Tom Kellaway  
35 A.N. Other  
36 Will Sargent  
37 A.N. Other  
38 A.N. Other  
39 A.N. Other  
40 Anthony Yousefian  
41 Archie Hamilton  
42 A.N. Other  
43 Luke James  
44 Sanghyuk Kim  
45 A.N. Other  
46 A.N. Other  
47 Daniel Avakian  
48 Neil Fidler  
49 A.N. Other  
50 A.N. Other  
51 A.N. Other  
52 A.N. Other  
53 A.N. Other  
54 A.N. Other  
55 A.N. Other  
56 A.N. Other