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Match Report - 07 Dec 2014, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Real Northern 'A'

Let’s not let Sunday’s brilliant win go to waste by pi55ing it up and losing against Parthenope this Sunday. By the law of averages, someone is going to lose against Parthenope this season. Let’s not let this embarrassment fall on us. They’re not a great side but we need to be bang on it come kick off on Sunday.
Rovers 6 – 2 Real Northern A
Now we’ve started!
Sunday was our most convincing attacking performance of the season. We looked dangerous on every attack and took our chances when they came.
Shaun scored a tremendous hat trick on his first start for the club to compliment decent finishes from Rich and Nath, and a good team goal for Smudger. Moley took the MOM award for a peerless performance at right back where he carried their left winger around in his pocket throughout the match and got an assist with a superb crossfield ball.
We started sluggishly though and found ourselves behind early doors, from a decent finish from ‘Hard On.’ The ball was given away in midfield and clipped in behind Joe for ‘Hard On’ to run onto and rifle into the roof of the net, giving Danny no chance.
Thankfully we quickly dragged ourselves back level from a lovely clipped finish from Rich over a statuesque Real Northern keeper from the right hand edge of box.
Instead of going ahead which we looked more than capable of doing, we then went behind once more. Enter Ref, Ray Gangadeen. Matt, using his arms to jump up for a header, placed his hands on a Real Northern attacker on a penalty was given. Very soft indeed. ‘Hard On’ powered the penalty passed Danny.
This goal kind of knocked the stuffing out of us because we then had a patchy 15 minutes where the mistakes came thick and fast and we nearly went further behind. Dan had a bit of a brain f@rt and cleared the ball to a Real Northern attacker who just put the ball wide. Real Northern also exploited the space behind our full backs as we pushed for an equaliser.
Thankfully we rode out the storm, created a few chances and eventually got back onto level terms just before half time.
Smudger drove into the right hand edge of the box and cut the ball back to Shaun who guided the ball goalwards. Fearing that it was heading wide, Nath nipped in and backflicked it into the net.
We spoke at half time about how there wasn’t too much to change but we just had to cut out the mistakes. The 4-2-3-1 formation was working well but we had been our own worst enemy in giving the ball away and presenting Real Northern with chances.
At 2-2 the game seesawed with us creating the clearer cut chances but Real Northern still providing a threat. G rolled took us back in time with a missile-esque tackle to clear the danger and take a kick in the face. As the defence had pushed out, a loose ball from midfield had put us back in danger and their No.11 with a shooting chance, before G snuffed it out. Stirring stuff.
The final 30 minutes then saw us pretty much steamroller Real Northern into submission with 4 decent goals.
The breakthrough came from Shaun who showed the most desire in the box to leap onto a corner and direct his header down and bounce into the top of the net. 3-2
4-2. Bunny rolled back the years, advanced from midfield and played in behind the full back before Smudger poked the ball in.
5-2.Matt Lunn, making his debut after 60 mins, advanced from midfield, attacked the left full back and crossed the ball over to Shaun who shooed the ball into the net.
6-2. Mole capped a fine performance by robbing the left winger for the 356th time, advancing 15 yards before playing a rapier like ball across the box to Lunny who played the ball into Shaun for his hat trick. A great way to seal the match and for Shaun to grab a hat trick.

Played Games
Won Games
Drawn Games
Lost Goals
For Goals
Against Goal
Difference Points
London St George
6 5 0 1 39 10 +29 15
Kings United
7 4 2 1 21 15 +6 14
Clapham Rovers
6 4 1 1 18 10 +8 13
FC Selchp
6 4 0 2 30 11 +19 12
Real Northern 'A'
5 4 0 1 13 9 +4 12
Accrington Stanley Bowles
5 2 1 2 11 14 -3 7
Cool Oak Rangers
5 2 0 3 10 16 -6 6
FC Lonsdale
5 0 1 4 8 17 -9 1
Lokomotiv Londres
6 0 1 5 7 26 -19 1
5 0 0 5 4 33 -29 0

Senior Amateur Division
6 2 Clapham Rovers v Real Northern 'A'
Westminster Schools CR4 1DE

5 3 Kings United v FC Lonsdale
King's House (Civil Service) SG W4 2RZ
Gladys Perry Challenge Cup
- A 011 Chiswick FC v FC Selchp [ Round 2 - Second Leg ] [ Away Win was awarded ]

1 1 012 Cool Oak Rangers v Sport London Victoria [ Round 2 - Second Leg ]

1 14 013 Lokomotiv Londres v London St George [ Round 3 - Second Leg ]

Senior Amateur Division Fixtures 14th December
Clapham Rovers v Parthenope
Westminster Schools CR4 1DE

Real Northern 'A' v London St George
Westminster Schools CR4 1DE

Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers 6 - 2 Real Northern 'A' ()

Name Goals Details
1 A.N. Other  
2 A.N. Other  
3 A.N. Other  
4 A.N. Other  
5 A.N. Other  
6 A.N. Other  
7 A.N. Other  
8 A.N. Other  
9 A.N. Other  
10 A.N. Other  
11 A.N. Other  
12 A.N. Other  
13 A.N. Other  
14 A.N. Other  
15 A.N. Other  
16 Shaun McKee   3
17 Matt Lunn  
18 Nathan Booker   1
19 Joe Whittle  
20 Richard Storey   1
21 David Bryan  
22 James Mills  
23 Jack Noble  
24 Matt Duffy  
25 Matt McClymont  
26 Simon Birch  
27 Miles Birch  
28 Ollie Agius  
29 Joel Cleary  
30 Gori Yahaya  
31 Matt Wright  
32 Nick Woodward  
33 Matt Warren  
34 Gin Trewhella  
35 Griff Stevens  
36 Robin Sosa  
37 James Smith   1
38 Charlie Richards  
39 Danny Pybus  
40 James Mark  
41 Gaz Lloyd  
42 Chris Kew  
43 Jordan Oldfield  
44 Graeme Keenan  
45 Jimmy Joyce  
46 Adam Hill  
47 Adam Hibbert Bamford  
48 Chris Godwin  
49 Ian Mole  
50 Daniel Esparza  
51 Juan Endara  
52 Dan Endara  
53 James Daly  
54 Ryan Cerenko  
55 Andy Carswell  
56 Stuart Miller