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Match Report - 30 Nov 2014, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Lokomotiv Londres


Nice to get back to wining ways after 2 defeats. Let's keep the run going against Real Northern A. We've beaten them already this season, let's do it again!

Rover 3 - 2 Lokomotiv Londres

My assessment of Sunday's match varies quite widely from Lokomotiv Londres's match report below.

We absolutely dominated the first 30 minutes and after going 2-0 up we let Loko back into the game with some basic errors and slacking off in all areas of the pitch. We then realised we were in a game and then spent the remaining time pushing for the winner which thankfully came with 10 minutes to go. Aside from the goals we conceded there was 1 team in it. It wasn't Lokomotiv Londres.

The opener was from a decent move whereby Godders was played through and after the ball ping ponged around the box, he managed to lay it off to Smudger who rammed home.

Our 2nd goal was similarly decent where Nath played a through ball through the wide chasm of the Lokomotiv Londres central defence and Godders finished from just inside the box rather than going around the lunatic keeper.

We then allowed Loko into the game with a long ball down the centre which wasn't cleared for their striker to nip in and score and a slide rule finish from the right winger from a tight angle.

Our winner was then secured after pretty much incessant pressure in the 2nd half. Godders broke the offside trap, curled (rather than scooped) the ball into Smudger who drove home.

Here's Loko's match report below.

Following crushing defeats in the last three outings, it was time for Loko to restore pride and confidence against a team Matt referred to as “at our level”.

Sadly, Loko got off to yet another poor start. With only 2 minutes gone, Rovers took Loko apart with one of their first attacks.

A through ball launched from the middle of the park carved the Loko defence open and, with Dan R trying to pass the ball back to John but not being able to connect properly, the Rovers pounced and their number 8 arrowed the opening goal in John’s bottom right corner from 10 yards out.

With similar starts in previous weeks and a thrashing in the offing, Loko might as well have packed up and gone back to the changing rooms. But, surprisingly, this early setback seemed to wake Loko up from their slumber.

This was only a promise as Rovers hit Loko on the counter with yet another through ball that didn’t get cleared by our defence and saw John collect the ball from the onion bag on 17 minutes.

But, today, one man in particular was on fire. Normally assigned to mark his forward, Tom was given a roving role in midfield and making his speed and energy count.

Sure enough, with 26 minutes on the clock, the hitherto water tight Rovers defence impeccably commandeered by their tall, non-nonsense Scottish centre half got caught out by a long James T ball over their defence. TOM was now in full flow on the right wing as he danced past one then two defenders and ran diagonally across their box and kept his cool as he slotted the ball with aplomb low to the left of their keeper.

A beautifully taken goal any centre forward would have been proud of.

And it didn’t stop there… With 37 minutes gone, it was Matt F’s turn to find TOM on the right wing again. This time, the team doctor took his chance straight away. He dribbled past their centre half and with the goalie speeding towards him from his box he instantly fired a shot from the edge of the box that hit the back of the net.

For a few moments, Tom looked like he was out for the count as he lay on the floor after hitting his head but he was soon back on his feet as several of his teammates gathered around him to congratulate him.

Loko could have even scored a third on 42 minutes as yet another shot by Tom found the back of a Rovers player and Dave F volleying the rebound from a tight angle.

Half time Clapham Rovers 2 vs Loko 2

The second half was in the same vein, with Loko feeling more and more confident and playing well whilst Rovers kept counterattacking.

An example of Loko’s determination was the situation that took place in Loko’s box shortly after Ismail had come on for Danny who got a leg injury.

Rovers launched an attack on the right wing and took a shot that was deflected by John who, yet again, was on top form and time after time, as the ball bounced off a Loko back, a Loko head or a Loko leg, it was like pinball in the box as at least 10 shots were saved, deflected or headed away by the admirable Loko unit. Truly heroic Loko rearguard action!

On 69 minutes John made yet another point blank save from what looked like the decisive goal.
Fortune wasn’t on Loko’s side though as Rovers scored a winner with 13 minutes to go.

Loko were still going forward and threatening Rovers but despite our late rally, Loko ended up empty handed despite their superb goalscoring exploits and composed display but, ultimately, Loko failed because of two sloppy goals.

10 Teams Games
Played Games
Won Games
Drawn Games
Lost Goals
For Goals
Against Goal
Difference Points
London St George Follow 6 5 0 1 39 10 +29 15
FC Selchp Follow 6 4 0 2 31 11 +20 12
Real Northern 'A' Follow 4 4 0 0 11 3 +8 12
Kings United Follow 6 3 2 1 16 12 +4 11
Clapham Rovers Follow 5 3 1 1 12 8 +4 10
Accrington Stanley Bowles Follow 5 2 1 2 11 15 -4 7
Cool Oak Rangers Follow 5 2 0 3 10 16 -6 6
FC Lonsdale Follow 4 0 1 3 5 12 -7 1
Lokomotiv Londres Follow 6 0 1 5 7 26 -19 1
Parthenope Follow 5 0 0 5 4 33 -29 0

Senior Amateur Division
3 2 Clapham Rovers v Lokomotiv Londres
Westminster Schools CR4 1DE
8 1 FC Selchp v Accrington Stanley Bowles
King's House (Civil Service) SG W4 2RZ
1 3 Kings United v Cool Oak Rangers
Riverside Lands W4 2SX
2 1 Real Northern 'A' v Parthenope
Westminster Schools CR4 1DE

Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers 3 - 2 Lokomotiv Londres ()

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