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Match Report - 21 Sep 2014, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers drew with Accrington Stanley Bowles

Rovers 1 - 1 Accrington Stanley Bowles

With my positive hat on I'd say this is a point gained rather than 2 points lost. We struggled for fluency in the first half and were penned in by the wind as we struggled to properly clear our lines on a number of occasions.

In the second half we shut the door at the back, created a number of half chances and hit the bar but never really tested the opposing keeper too much. I felt that had we'd been playing now, we still wouldn't have scored. That's not a criticism of anyone in particular, more a reflection that it wasn't quite our day.

We went 1-0 behind after about 15 mins. A loose back pass in midfield caught Horse and myself out of position and their right winger nipped in off the byline to guide the ball past Sheva. You could argue that it had been coming somewhat. ASB had pretty much attacked constantly whilst our play was characterised with sporadic breakaways which came to nothing.

The goal did galvanize us somewhat though. We started to get on the ball more, take time in our build up play and spend more time in the ASB half. We forced more corners and free kicks around their box.

Our goal when it came was an absolute peach. An absolute peach.

Bunman strode forward around the halfway line and played a great ball in between their right fullback and centre half. As the keeper came charging out, Rich on his league debut, outsprinted the full back and met the ball before the keeper, sending the ball in the far corner of the net. I knew it was in as soon as Rich kicked it because he celebrated the moment he made contact.

We did look for this ball a couple more times in the first half but it came to nothing. I was just pleased to be back in the game at 1-1.

The second half saw the return of Joyce into the side as Macca departed to endure watching Spurs lose to West Brom. Horse went up top and Joyce slotted in at centre back.

Gori then picked up where he left off by being at the heart of most of our attacking threat in tandem with Smudger down the right hand side. At every occasion Gori took the game to ASB by being positive and attacking them from right back. I felt that that was where we were going to create a goal from.

I obviously know nothing at all because the closest we did come to scoring was from a Joyce free kick swung in from the right hand side. It bounced awkwardly on the 6 yard box in front of the keeper and bounced up off the bar and over.

Time and again we got to the byline and in and around the box but we just lacked the penetration required. Similarly, ASB were pretty much they same. They threatened but it came to nought.

MOM: Gori for his marauding runs from right back, left midfield or right midfield.

Please find the fantasy football points attached to this email.

This week sees us take on Real Northern in the Gladys Perry Cup Leg 1.

Real Northern always give us a tough game and this will be no different. Let's take the effort and application from last week and put the ball in the net when we get the chance!

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Accrington Stanley Bowles 1 - 1 Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers ()

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