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Match Report - 14 Apr 2013, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Battersea Dogs

Rovers 3 – 2 Battersea Dogs
That’s much more like it.
We literally swept aside 3rd in the league Battersea Dogs and only experienced a late onslaught when we eased off the gas.
From my vantage point on the side it was simply a joy to watch and worlds apart from the spectacle I endured in the previous match against Parthenope. Our passing, movement, finishing and graft were absolutely spot on. I can only look at the league table with a certain regret that we’re not challenging at the top of the table right now.
In saying that, these are our remaining games
Rovers vs Real Northern
Rovers vs Chiswick
Rovers vs Chiswick
Rovers vs South West Wolves
Rovers vs Worcester Park Rangers
Rovers vs London Rhinos

These are all winnable matches and I want nothing less than maximum points between now and the end of the season.
We started the game with a BANG with an early goal from Grif. He made me look like a managerial superstar when I deployed him on the right hand side of the 3 up front. A long ball over the top saw him sprint past the Dog left back and chip the keeper.
Grif almost then scored an identical goal 5 minutes later when he streaked through again and bought a great save from the Dogs keeper.
In talking about great saves, a big nod must also go to Danny. He kept us in the game with at least 3 saves from one on ones in a 15 minute period after our opening goal. We also got lucky when the ref waved away a blatant penalty after a foul by the returning Nathan in the box.
After this period of pressure we then went 2-0 up from Grif again as he took the ball around the keeper and slotted home with his left.
We then nearly when 3-0 when that man Grif gave the left back another torrid time and went through on goal. He was then unceremoniously shoved in the back and a penalty was given. Unfortunately Steve Ogrizovic in the Battersea Dog goal pulled off a decent save from Nick, low to his left. That really would’ve been game over.
Just before half time we had been forced into a change as Joshy had been forced off. John came on to make his debut up top and he started the half as he had finished it with some neat touches and nice hold up play.
Dogs then got back into the game which from my vantage point was a dodgy penalty with a very unconvincing dive from the Dogs front man. Indeed my laughing p1ssed off their attacker somewhat who strolled over to remonstrate with me. Danny assured me later than he took out their attacker and I suppose justice was therefore served when Dogs stroked home their penalty.
Almost straightaway though, Grif then got the hat trick he deserved as a woeful, back pass was hammered past his own keeper by a Dog defender and Grif slotted home.
We then should’ve been further ahead as we had a series of goal mouth scrambles where we did everything but put the ball in the net.
These missed chances then came to haunt us Dogs scored a scorcher from the edge of the box after a corner was cleared. We then had to defend a series of corners to see out the win.
Overall I thought we were brilliant. The application and quality of our football was immense. Let’s take that into our next match vs Real Northern who have beaten us twice already.
MOM. Grif for a hat trick and being an absolute menace all match. A notable mention should also go to Danny for a series of fine saves though.

Dynamo Clapham
15 11 1 3 53 29 +24 34
London Rangers
14 8 4 2 73 26 +47 28
Battersea Dogs
15 8 3 4 46 29 +17 27
Clapham Rovers 'A'
14 6 3 5 31 47 -16 21
Worcester Park Rangers
12 6 2 4 37 33 +4 20
Real Northern 'A'
12 6 1 5 32 16 +16 19
London Rhinos
15 5 4 6 41 37 +4 19
Wig Army
14 5 3 6 47 39 +8 18
16 5 2 9 30 62 -32 17
South West Wolves
14 4 1 9 22 54 -32 13
Chiswick FC
13 0 2 11 15 55 -40 2
Division One Sunday 14th April
- A Chiswick FC v * Dynamo Clapham [ Away Win was awarded ]
NOT PLAYING - Will be MA to Dynamo Clapham

3 2 Clapham Rovers 'A' v Battersea Dogs
King's House (Civil Service) SG W4 2RZ

5 0 * Dynamo Clapham v Parthenope
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

P * London Rangers v * Wig Army [ Postponed ]
Westminster Schools CR4 1DE
Double Header

H - South West Wolves v London Rhinos [ Home Win was awarded ]
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

P * Wig Army v * London Rangers [ Postponed ]
Westminster Schools CR4 1DE
Double Header

P Worcester Park Rangers v Real Northern 'A' [ Postponed ]
Westminster Schools CR4 1DE
Division One Sunday 21st April
Clapham Rovers 'A' v Real Northern 'A'
King's House (Civil Service) SG W4 2RZ

Dynamo Clapham v Battersea Dogs
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

London Rangers v Parthenope
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

South West Wolves v Worcester Park Rangers
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers 3 - 2 Battersea Dogs ()

Name Goals Details
1 Miles Birch  
2 John Marquis  
3 Andy Carswell  
4 James Daly  
5 Simon Carson  
6 Dan Endara  
7 Juan Endara  
8 Chris Godwin  
9 Dan Harley  
10 Jimmy Joyce  
11 Graeme Keenan  
12 Chris Kew  
13 Gaz Lloyd  
14 James Mark  
15 David Murphy  
16 Howard Kelly  
17 Adam Walker  
18 James Smith  
19 Gin Trewhella  
20 Matt Warren  
21 Nick Woodward  
22 Matt Wright  
23 Gori Yahaya  
24 Adam Hill  
25 Charlie Benson  
26 Griff Stevens   3
27 Matt Heldt  
28 James Mills  
29 Adam Wright  
30 Jack Trewhella  
31 Josh Austin  
32 Nathan Booker  
33 Jonathan Gallagher  
34 Danny Pybus  
35 Chris Phillipson  
36 Andy Rawson  
37 Robin Sosa  
38 David Kelly