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Match Report - 13 Jan 2013, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Dynamo Clapham

Rovers 4 – 1 Dynamo Clapham
“Clapham is ours…, Clapham is ours…., we beat Dynnnaaaamoooo….., Clapham is ours.”
After a resounding win in the Clapham Derby we truly deserve to eat free pizza in the Duck, neck Underdogs until we pass out and have a VIP table at Infernos.
Without getting carried away, I feel that Sunday was our best performance of the season. We played and fought like our lives depended on the 3 points. We’re unbeaten in 7 matches now and if we can continue this form we’re going to steamroller the opposition on our way to league and cup glory. We’re not out of the promotion places by any means. Let’s keep it up!
We had a shaky start with Dynamo having the better of the early exchanges. They carved us open a few times down the flanks and their no.17 was dangerous with the flicks ons. To our credit we hung on and gradually gained a foothold in the game due to our tenacity and desire. As our confidence grew we then retained the ball a lot better and created some decent chances.
It was still slightly against the run of play though when we went 1-0 up from a fine ‘fox in the box’ finish. I swung in an early high hopeful ball, Josh hassled their centre back who missed controlled it and he latched onto the loose ball and lashed the ball in at the near post.
The expected second half onslaught from Dynamo Clapham didn’t come. We started the 2nd half just as we finished the 1st half and didn’t give Dynamo a sniff. We were all over them in all areas of the pitch.
It was then a slight surprise when we scored from a corner. Bunny had somehow contrived to miss from on the line from a previous corner (most likely from having the ball hammered at him from point blank range.) G was in the right place about 5 yards out in the centre of the 6 yard box to guide in the ball as it fell at his feet.
We sealed the game with 2 quality goals from Godwin. Once was from a mazy run where he sauntered past 3 players with the ease of a seasoned curb crawler on a pavement full of pros and slipped it past the keeper. His second was a clipped finish into the net with the Dynamo defence all at sea.
Dynamo also missed a pen after a G foul on a Dynamo attacker. Their taker probably put it nearer to the corner flag than then goal. It was then a little disappointing when they took away our clean sheet from a headed finish from a corner with 5 mins to go.
All in all though, it was a fantastic performance.
M.O.M This boy put in a superhuman performance and was all over the pitch. He typified a will to win which inspired everyone else. Well done Bunman.
Dynamo Clapham
12 9 0 3 43 25 +18 27
Battersea Dogs
9 7 1 1 28 11 +17 22
London Rhinos
10 6 2 2 38 27 +11 20
London Rangers
10 5 3 2 46 22 +24 18
Worcester Park Rangers
9 4 1 4 22 23 -1 13
Real Northern 'A'
8 4 0 4 25 11 +14 12
Wig Army
9 3 3 3 30 25 +5 12
Clapham Rovers 'A'
9 3 3 3 18 17 +1 12
Old Sergeant
9 3 1 5 23 28 -5 10
11 3 1 7 20 48 -28 10
South West Wolves
10 1 2 7 12 41 -29 5
Chiswick FC
8 0 1 7 12 39 -27 1
Division One 13th January
1 6 Chiswick FC v London Rangers
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

4 1 Clapham Rovers 'A' v Dynamo Clapham
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

P Old Sergeant v Worcester Park Rangers[ Postponed ]

1 0 Parthenope v Real Northern 'A'
Wandsworth Park SW15 2PA

2 2 Wig Army v London Rhinos
Westminster Schools CR4 1DE
Division One 20th January
Battersea Dogs v London Rhinos
King Georges Fields Tudor Drive MORDEN SM4 4PF

Clapham Rovers 'A' v Real Northern 'A'
King's House (Civil Service) SG W4 2RZ

London Rangers v Wig Army
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

Old Sergeant v Parthenope
Riverside Lands W4 2SX

- A South West Wolves v Dynamo Clapham[ Away Win was awarded ]
Not playing - will be MA to Dynamo Clapham

Worcester Park Rangers v Chiswick FC
Westminster Schools CR4 1DE

This week sees us take on Real Northern in a dress rehearsal of the Bert Gabey Cup Semi Final.
These boys have lost to Perthenope twice but then beaten Dynamo Clapham 4-0 .
Let’s be on it right from kick off and not take any chances.

Dynamo Clapham 1 - 4 Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Miles Birch  
2 A.N. Other  
3 Andy Carswell  
4 James Daly  
5 Ryan Cerenko  
6 Dan Endara  
7 Juan Endara  
8 Chris Godwin   2
9 Dan Harley  
10 Jimmy Joyce  
11 Graeme Keenan   1
12 Chris Kew  
13 Gaz Lloyd  
14 James Mark  
15 David Murphy  
16 A.N. Other  
17 Tom Radford  
18 James Smith  
19 Gin Trewhella  
20 Matt Warren   MOM
21 Nick Woodward  
22 Matt Wright  
23 Gori Yahaya  
24 Adam Hill  
25 Charlie Benson  
26 Griff Stevens  
27 Steve Hewitson  
28 A.N. Other  
29 Vince Bennici  
30 Jack Trewhella  
31 Josh Austin   1
32 Nathan Booker  
33 David Bennett  
34 Danny Pybus  
35 Chris Phillipson  
36 Andy Rawson