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Match Report - 14 Oct 2012, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers lost to Worcester Park Rangers

Rovers 1 – 2 Worcester Park Rangers
Well this was a bit of a p1sser. We had 10 men for the entire first half, toiled hard, looked dangerous and were well in the match before we got a ringer in and immediately went 1 nil down, 5 minutes into the second half.

The rest of the second half we were then pretty awful despite immediately equalizing from a corner. Worcester Park Rangers went back in front 5 minutes later from a lucky, looping volley from the edge of the box.

The effort is there but the quality has gone awry. We did not put more than 3 passes together all match and we didn’t do the simple things and got a little bit disheartened too easily. Now is not the time to hit the panic button but we need to put things right.

It feels like this season we’ve lost and drawn games where last season we would’ve found a way to win. Our spirit has taken a knock and we’re getting a bit anxious and over thinking our play. Hence why we’re trying to play the killer ball too often, shooting from 45 yards and mis-controlling every pass.

Let’s start this Sunday by going back to basics;

1. Letting me know asap if you can play or not
2. Getting to the ground on time
3. Warming up before the match to get up to game speed
4. Encouraging each other
5. And most importantly…..let’s bl00dy enjoy our football.


Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers 1 - 2 Worcester Park Rangers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Miles Birch  
2 Simon Birch  
3 Andy Carswell  
4 James Daly  
5 Ryan Cerenko  
6 Dan Endara  
7 Juan Endara  
8 Chris Godwin  
9 Dan Harley  
10 Jimmy Joyce  
11 Graeme Keenan  
12 Chris Kew  
13 Gaz Lloyd  
14 James Mark  
15 David Murphy  
16 Oliver O'Callaghan  
17 Tom Radford  
18 James Smith  
19 Gin Trewhella  
20 Matt Warren  
21 Nick Woodward  
22 Matt Wright  
23 Gori Yahaya  
24 Adam Hill  
25 Charlie Benson  
26 Griff Stevens  
27 A.N. Other  
28 A.N. Other  
29 A.N. Other  
30 A.N. Other  
31 A.N. Other  
32 A.N. Other  
33 A.N. Other  
34 A.N. Other  
35 A.N. Other  
36 A.N. Other