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Match Report

Match Report - 06 May 2012, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers drew with Dulwich Tandoori Cobras

A performance of grit, determination, spirit, courage, dedication, heart and the all rest saw us claw our way back from 2 down with half an hour to go, to keep the title hope alive. As a Gaffer, that’s all I can ask for and you should all feel proud and privileged to share that team ethic. Lesser teams would’ve thrown in the towel but not us. One more big performance and the title is ours. We deserve nothing less.

A well deserved pre-match rollicking from Bunny got everyone in the right frame of mind before kick off. We had looked distracted whilst Dulwich warmed up purposefully. His pointed words made everyone get their game heads on and we started the game as the better team. For 15 minutes we peppered the Dulwich goal with long range shots and forced a succession of corners.
Dulwich began to get into the game and were more penetrative. They used the width well to play in their forwards who then looked for the runners from midfield.
After a scare where Dulwich lifted a shot over Godwin and wide, they took the lead. Attacking down the left hand side they got in behind our full back, laid the ball across the 6 yard box for their centre midfielder to tuck in well by lifting it over Godwin in the nets.
We then went down the other end and Nick nearly scored an absolutely screamer of a free kick. From around 30 yards and on the left hand side he unleashed a curling rocket which beat the keeper all ends up and was unlucky to cannon of the post, off the keeper’s back and then out for a corner. Their keeper is a decent keeper and he got massively lucky.

The second half started in the worst possible fashion. Dulwich scored from a deflected free kick on the edge of the area after G had been penalised for having the ball take a sudden change of direction and hit his hand. The free kick was hit with all the force of a mouse on a motorbike and the touch of an on rushing defender out of the wall took it past Godwin. At 2-0 down Dulwich were already talking about scoring a 3rd and wrapping their game up. At the very forefront of that was their centre mid, Chris Marsden on steroids. He was a beast of a man and a cracking footballer. He also appeared to be a ringer as he had no idea about the significance of the result at the final whistle.
We got back into the game with 30mins left with a great free kick from Nick. From 25 yards out he finally got his reward as he clipped the ball over the wall and into the net, giving the keeper no chance.
With 13mins to go, Jimmy Joyce got the equaliser as he hooked the ball in after it had been cleared to the penalty area. In my joy I managed to turn off the video camera and miss the goal. I did however, get Nick’s.

We then pressed for the winner and looked like nicking another goal to win the title. In pressing though, we did leave ourselves open at the back. Enter G. He was a one man forcefield in front of the goal. One particular tackle in the 6 yard box was immaculately timed, with the force of a steam locomotive and left the Dulwich attacker devastated both physically and mentally.
The final whistle came and left us living to fight another day.
Man of the Match. This is definitely the easiest man of the match of the award I have given. It goes to G for being an absolute colossus at the back and keeping us in the title race with two late, unbelievable tackles to thwart nailed on goalscoring chances for Dulwich.

9 Teams Games Games Games Games Goals Goals Goal Points
Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Difference
Dulwich Tandoori Cobras
16 10 5 1 57 17 40 35
Clapham Rovers 'A'
15 11 1 3 35 27 8 34
Battersea Dogs
16 9 5 2 45 24 21 32
London Rhinos
14 6 4 4 34 25 9 22
Fulham Energie
14 6 3 5 35 27 8 21
Worcester Park Rangers
15 6 1 8 40 47 -7 19
Wandsworth Wanderers
16 4 2 10 37 64 -27 14
Wessex Rangers 'A'
16 4 2 10 22 51 -29 14
16 1 3 12 23 46 -23 6

This week sees us take on London Rhinos. Win the game and we win the league. Simple as that. We won a sudden death match in the Cup final. We can do it again.
Let’s meet in the changing rooms again at 9am and get ourselves prepared correctly.

Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers 2 - 2 Dulwich Tandoori Cobras ()

Name Goals Details
1 Joe Abbott  
2 Miles Birch  
3 Simon Birch  
4 Simon Carson  
5 Andy Carswell  
6 Ryan Cerenko  
7 A.N. Other  
8 James Daly  
9 A.N. Other  
10 Dan Endara  
11 Juan Endara  
12 Jordan Gaskell  
13 Dan Harley  
14 Adam Hill  
15 Jimmy Joyce   1
16 Graeme Keenan  
17 Chris Kew  
18 David Lakin  
19 Thomas Lee  
20 Gaz Lloyd  
21 James Mark  
22 David Murphy  
23 Oliver O'Callaghan  
24 Steve O'Herlihy  
25 Seb Purnell  
26 Tom Radford  
27 Dave Richards  
28 Rob Shields  
29 James Smith  
30 Aidan Victorin  
31 Matt Warren  
32 Matt Wright  
33 Gori Yahaya  
34 Nick Woodward   1
35 Dominic Iuliano  
36 Gin Trewhella