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Match Report - 11 Mar 2012, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Wessex Rangers A

It’s a top of the table clash on Sunday vs Battersea Dogs. This is our chance to rein in the league leaders and put some daylight between us and Dulwich Tandoori Cobras who aren’t playing.
A 24 hour lash session for Saint Patrick’s Day the day before is therefore not advisable if we want to win the title this year. If you want to have a booze up for a Patron Saint of which you know nothing about, we’ll go out on these patron saint days for the following countries which don’t fall on the day of a potential title decider. I’ll personally buy you a pint of Nicaragua’s finest. See Wikipedia for further details. Pick a day and I’ll pay for it.
Basil the Great – Russia
Boniface – Germany
Brigit of Sweden – Sweden
Cyril - Czech Republic; Slovakia; Bulgaria
James, son of Zebedee - Galicia; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Spain
Rovers 6 – Wessex Rangers ‘A’ 1
Excellent win on Saturday. In the first half we played with more fluency than we have done for a while. When we get it down and play we look, well,…unplayable. With the first half ending with us 4-0 up and with the Wessex defence playing a high line it was perhaps understandable that we dispensed with the pretty football in the second half and went more direct. I think it’s telling that we only scored 2 in the second half playing this way. In future let’s keep the football going irrespective of the score and not go route one.
The league table has taken on a very pleasing look just now but the hard work isn’t done here. We’ve negotiated the tricky games against the lower teams and now we’ve got 8 cup finals against the better teams in the league starting with top of the league, Battersea Dogs.
Battersea Dogs Clapham Rovers 'A' Sunday, 18 March 2012
Clapham Rovers 'A' Wandsworth Wanderers Sunday, 25 March 2012
London Rhinos Clapham Rovers 'A' Sunday, 22 April 2012
Clapham Rovers 'A' Dulwich Tandoori Cobras Sunday, 29 April 2012
Clapham Rovers 'A' Fulham Energie Sunday, 06 May 2012
Fulham Energie Clapham Rovers 'A' Sunday, 13 May 2012
Clapham Rovers 'A' London Rhinos Sunday, 20 May 2012
London Rhinos Clapham Rovers ‘A’ TBA

My memory of the goals on Sunday is a little hazy so forgive me if I get them mixed up. The important thing is that the stats all get recorded.
1-0 Hitman. The ball breaks to him just inside the edge of the box and he rams it home through the keepers despairing dive.
2-0 A Nick corner is swung in from the right and Bunny makes a run to the near post which he flicks into the net.
3-0 A Nick corner is swung in from the right and Bunny makes a run to the near post which he heads into the net.
4-0 The Hitman scores again.
5-0 The ball breaks to Gin on the edge of the box and he coolly controls the ball, brings it down and unleashes a drive into the roof of the net through the keeper’s arms - (Dan you may be brothers but I think it was a bit harsh to say the keeper had crisp packet hands!)
5-1 I play everyone onside by quite some distance (this qualifies me for an automatic 4/10 rating) and they chip the ball into the net over Dominic. It was no use blaming Gaz, even though he could barely run the line due to having a skinful the night before and a kebab which made him violently sick – NEVER HAVE A KEBAB IN ANGEL!
6-1 Jim bears down on the keeper and shoots, the keeper fumbles it and he then hooks it in.
Notable mentions must go to the following players:
Gin who was a subtle revelation in the ‘Lucas’ position and showed himself to be an efficient holding midfielder who keeps it simple and has a decent eye for goal.
Nick who once again came up with 3 assists through his dead ball delivery and crossing from wide areas.
MOM was Bunny. This was for his desire to get stuck into the midfield fight and also for his runs to score from almost consecutive corners.

9 Teams Games
Played Games
Won Games
Drawn Games
Lost Goals
For Goals
Against Goal
Difference Points
Battersea Dogs
14 8 4 2 41 21 +20 28
Clapham Rovers 'A'
9 8 0 1 30 13 +17 24
Dulwich Tandoori Cobras
11 6 4 1 39 11 +28 22
London Rhinos
10 5 3 2 30 18 +12 18
Fulham Energie
11 5 3 3 29 22 +7 18
Worcester Park Rangers
10 5 0 5 32 34 -2 15
Wessex Rangers 'A'
13 3 1 9 21 50 -29 10
Wandsworth Wanderers
13 2 2 9 22 55 -33 8
15 1 3 11 23 43 -20 6

Wessex Rangers A 1 - 6 Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Joe Abbott  
2 Miles Birch  
3 Simon Birch  
4 Simon Carson  
5 Andy Carswell  
6 Ryan Cerenko  
7 Dan Bryant  
8 James Daly  
9 Tony Diaz  
10 Dan Endara  
11 Juan Endara  
12 Jordan Gaskell  
13 Dan Harley   2
14 Adam Hill  
15 Jimmy Joyce  
16 Graeme Keenan  
17 Chris Kew  
18 David Lakin  
19 Thomas Lee  
20 Gaz Lloyd  
21 James Mark   1
22 David Murphy  
23 Oliver O'Callaghan  
24 Steve O'Herlihy  
25 Seb Purnell  
26 Tom Radford  
27 Dave Richards  
28 Rob Shields  
29 James Smith  
30 Aidan Victorin  
31 Matt Warren   2
32 Matt Wright  
33 Gori Yahaya  
34 Nick Woodward   MOM
35 Dominic Iuliano  
36 Gin Trewhella   1