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Match Report - 29 Jan 2012, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Dynamo Clapham

One game does not a season make but after our 2-0 defeat in September against Sunday’s opponents, Dulwich Tandoori Cobras, I know we’ll all be looking to take revenge. A win against them could take us go second in the league.
We were unlucky to lose back then after creating so many chances and, aside from facing a keeper who was having a blinder, we can also attribute our loss to curse of Nick’s Dad striking once again as we’ve never won when he’s come to watch. I’m confident that a more clinical performance and a the absence of said parent will see us take the points.
It’s our first league game for a while and now is the time to make our charge for league glory.
Friendly Result
Clapham Rovers ‘A’ 6 – Dynamo Clapham 4
This hugely entertaining game saw us line up in an unfamiliar 4-2-3-1 formation with myself eager to have tactical fiddle.
The self proclaimed ‘Dream Trio’ was reduced to the ‘Deadly Duo’ as Bunny and Matt protected a back four of Juan, Carswell, Jimmy and Miles. The ‘Terrible Threesome,’ Nick, Gaz and Smudger, supported the ‘Lone Ranger’ Jim up top. The ‘Invisible Man’ aka ‘The Clown Prince’ was in goal (me -you’ll soon hear why I should receive that name)
The results were extremely positive as we carved Dynamo Clapham apart on numerous occasions. They simply couldn’t deal with our movement from midfield with the ‘Terrible Threesome’ either chasing a flick on from Jim or running at their defenders with pace. It is certainly a tactic I will look to employ in future. In the end we ran out deserved 6-4 winners in a hugely entertaining. Matt summed it up when they equalised to make it 4-4 when he said ‘How the hell is 4-4!?’ At times we murdered them and they scored 2 fortuitous goals. All that was missing from the game was a first Rovers goal from Miles Birch who charged about upfront for the last 30mins and was desperately unlucky on several occasions. It’ll come son!
Goals were shared about between Nick (2), Jim, Smudger, Carswell and Gaz.
Nick got 2 goals coming in from the left and smashing past the keeper.
Jim with a poacher’s finish after their defenders screwed up
Smudger smashed it past the keeper from inside the box and Carswell scored a goal from a corner which went in off the bar.
Their goals came from me twice being lobbed, one from 45 yards and the other from me making a woeful clearance to their attacker 30 yards out. I then swapped with Miles on for him to beaten with an absolute screamer from outside the box. The good news this week is that we have a keeper for this Sunday!

9 Teams Games
Played Games
Won Games
Drawn Games
Lost Goals
For Goals
Against Goal
Difference Points
Battersea Dogs
11 6 3 2 29 16 +13 21
Dulwich Tandoori Cobras
8 5 2 1 34 7 +27 17
London Rhinos
9 5 2 2 28 16 +12 17
Fulham Energie
8 5 1 2 24 16 +8 16
Clapham Rovers 'A'
6 5 0 1 21 10 +11 15
Worcester Park Rangers
9 5 0 4 29 30 -1 15
Wessex Rangers 'A'
10 3 1 6 18 39 -21 10
Wandsworth Wanderers
10 1 1 8 16 46 -30 4
11 0 2 9 14 33 -19 2

Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers 6 - 4 Dynamo Clapham ()

Name Goals Details
1 Enza Lawal  
2 Gori Yahaya  
3 Joe Abbott  
4 Charlie Benson  
5 Miles Birch  
6 Simon Birch  
7 Dan Bryant  
8 Andy Carswell  
9 Ryan Cerenko  
10 Bill Cogan  
11 James Daly  
12 Tony Diaz  
13 Dan Endara  
14 Juan Endara  
15 Jordan Gaskell  
16 Dan Harley  
17 Adam Hill  
18 Stuart Holden  
19 Daniel Horner  
20 Will Irvine  
21 Jimmy Joyce  
22 Graeme Keenan  
23 Chris Kew  
24 Matt Klemperer  
25 David Lakin  
26 Thomas Lee  
27 Gaz Lloyd  
28 Homed Lyons  
29 Sean Lyons  
30 James Mark  
31 Tom Matthews  
32 David Murphy  
33 Oliver O'Callaghan  
34 Steve O'Herlihy  
35 Seb Purnell  
36 Tom Radford  
37 Dave Richards  
38 Rob Shields  
39 James Smith  
40 Jeremy Trost  
41 Aidan Victorin  
42 Matt Warren  
43 Nick Woodward  
44 Matt Wright  
45 Jack Cogan  
46 Steve Wheeler