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Match Report - 15 Jan 2012, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Worcester Park Rangers

The cold, crisp, frosty brought many a shout of “will it take a stud?” from the changing rooms. The home team were late giving Harley time to show each and every team member his new boots in detail.

When the game finally kicked off a strong Clapham line-up looked a bit rusty against the pacy Rangers attack with their star number 9 going close in the first couple of minutes. As the game progressed Clapham shaded a tight first half with Jimmy Joyce curling a free kick over the wall and under the body of the flailing Rangers keeper. Rovers soon got another with a good cross from the right being headed in by their let back - two nil and a good solid start in our first game in a long time.

Rangers did pull one back before half time when their striker headed in unmarked at the far post. All in all a respectable first half for Rovers.

The second half got under way and it seemed like we were still dreaming of half time oranges as Rangers piled on the pressure in the early stages. A long aimless ball from the back was misjudged by Keenan as momentarily he had swapped his Zidane Style head for a 50p style head and nonchalantly nodded the ball way out of play for a corner, as he looked round for someone to blame all that could be heard under the breath was “irn-bru and fig rolls”.

Unfortunately the resulting corner led to a goal when after a headed clearance a Rangers midfielder managed to sneak one through a penalty box that looked like the Clapham Grand at five to two and into the bottom corner. This goal led to Rovers turning on the style and producing some of the best football of the season. In truth it could have ended at around 10-2 but we’ll settle for 6-2 when we will be top of the league if we win our game in hand.


3-2 – after some good attacking play Rangers won a corner with Smudger heading in unmarked at the far post.

4-2 – Harley picks up a long ball from Keenan at the back and Gascoignesque alla 1996 chips the ball over the defender and volleys in a fine first goal of the season

5-2 – After much improved second half performance Nick Woodward skilfully manages to roll the ball all the way down his shin and pea roll the ball into the corner from around 10 yards

6-2 – this time Keenan connects with a header correctly and powers one in at the far post

MOM……Cannot really pick a stand out performer as everyone played well, the defence were solid, midfield worked well battling when they needed too but also showing their superior skill over their Rangers counterparts and the attack also put in a shift.

Comedy Moment….after being in the nets for only 30 seconds Harley managed to dislocate a Rangers players shoulder with a solid challenge.

Worcester Park Rangers 2 - 6 Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Enza Lawal  
2 Gori Yahaya  
3 Joe Abbott  
4 Charlie Benson  
5 Miles Birch  
6 Simon Birch  
7 Dan Bryant  
8 Andy Carswell  
9 Ryan Cerenko  
10 Bill Cogan  
11 James Daly  
12 Tony Diaz  
13 Dan Endara  
14 Juan Endara  
15 Jordan Gaskell  
16 Dan Harley   1
17 Adam Hill  
18 Stuart Holden  
19 Daniel Horner  
20 Will Irvine  
21 Jimmy Joyce   1
22 Graeme Keenan   1
23 Chris Kew  
24 Matt Klemperer  
25 David Lakin  
26 Thomas Lee  
27 Gaz Lloyd  
28 Homed Lyons  
29 Sean Lyons  
30 James Mark  
31 Tom Matthews  
32 David Murphy  
33 Oliver O'Callaghan  
34 Steve O'Herlihy  
35 Seb Purnell  
36 Tom Radford  
37 Dave Richards  
38 Rob Shields  
39 James Smith  
40 Jeremy Trost  
41 Aidan Victorin  
42 Matt Warren  
43 Nick Woodward   1
44 Matt Wright  
45 Jack Cogan  
46 Steve Wheeler