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Match Report - 16 Oct 2011, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers lost to Northcote Falcons

Hello Clapham Rovers ‘A’

Clapham Rovers ‘A’ 1 – Northcote Falcons 4

As much as this was a disappointing result, we don’t need to panic just yet. We haven’t lost 2 games in a row since the first 2 games of last season so all is not lost. This result was also partly due to a having an unfamiliar line up where some people were making their debuts, others were out of position or a combination of both.

We do however need to buck our ideas up somewhat. We need to show some more intensity, take chances when they come our way and not let our heads drop when things are not going our way. We can’t just turn up and expect to brush aside teams like we did last season. At times during the game we were absolutely silent and looked like beaten men when the game was ours for the taking. Performance levels need to be raised.

I arrived at half time and when we were already 2-0 down. The Hitman had unfortunately missed a penalty in the first few minutes of the first half with the keeper making a regulation save down to his left. James Smith also had a stonewall penalty turned down by the referee where James had initially felt like he’d been felled with an axe.

There was also an annoying stoppage in play where someone was despatched by the referee to get corner flags. The reason for this was perhaps that the ref had realised that he was being assessed by a representative of the London F.A. I later spoke to said representative and felt the ref had had a good game. In that case the representative needs an assessor because I felt the ref was poor all round. Particularly in how he never used his whistle, never gave a foul or blew for offside. He was good at putting his arm in the air and running backwards though so he’s got a good base level of skills there.

By all accounts the goals we conceded in the first half were ‘freak.’ One was massively offside and the other just about trickled over the line.

We started the second half well and there looked to be only one team in the game. We created quite a few chances even if their keeper never really had a save to make. We did pull one back after about 20mins of the second half from Gaz Lloyd. A ball out to James on the right saw him nutmeg their left back with a cheeky backheel, sprint down the line and cross it in. The ball eventually found itself to Gaz who rammed it in from just outside the box. From then on, there looked to be only one winner.

A couple of long balls over the top gave us chances as did corners into the back post but no one could take advantage. It was therefore a bit of a travesty for us when we went 3-1 down on about 80mins. In trying to play the offside trap, (he was but the ref was incapable of giving them) a Northcote player was free just inside the box and he blasted it past Sheva.

We huffed and puffed from then on but we didn’t look like scoring. On the stroke of full time, Northcote went 4-1 up when a loose ball across the box was picked up by their man who just about squeezed it home after Sheva made a good save.

I was only there for half a game but my man of the match goes to a combination of Gaz, Jimmy and James for their constant endeavour and desire to get on the ball and to try and make things happen.
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Drawn Games
Lost Goals
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Against Goal
Difference Points
Dulwich Tandoori Cobras
3 3 0 0 20 0 +20 9
Fulham Energie
4 3 0 1 17 9 +8 9
Battersea Dogs
3 2 1 0 11 6 +5 7
London Rhinos
5 2 1 2 13 13 +0 7
Clapham Rovers 'A'
3 2 0 1 6 4 +2 6
Worcester Park Rangers
4 2 0 2 16 17 -1 6
Wessex Rangers 'A'
4 2 0 2 8 16 -8 6
4 0 0 4 3 9 -6 0
Wandsworth Wanderers
4 0 0 4 5 25 -20 0
Sunday, 23 October 2011

Invictus v Worcester Park Rangers
Westminster Schools CR4 1EH

Wandsworth Wanderers v Clapham Rovers 'A'
Roehampton Playing Fields SW15 5BW

Wessex Rangers 'A' v London Rhinos
Raynes Park (ILEA) SW20 9NB

Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers 1 - 4 Northcote Falcons (CUP)

Name Goals Details
1 Enza Lawal  
2 Gori Yahaya  
3 Joe Abbott  
4 Charlie Benson  
5 Miles Birch  
6 Simon Birch  
7 Dan Bryant  
8 Andy Carswell  
9 Ryan Cerenko  
10 Bill Cogan  
11 James Daly  
12 Tony Diaz  
13 Dan Endara  
14 Juan Endara  
15 Jordan Gaskell  
16 Dan Harley  
17 Adam Hill  
18 Stuart Holden  
19 Daniel Horner  
20 Will Irvine  
21 Jimmy Joyce  
22 Graeme Keenan  
23 Chris Kew  
24 Matt Klemperer  
25 David Lakin  
26 Thomas Lee  
27 Gaz Lloyd   1 MOM
28 Homed Lyons  
29 Sean Lyons  
30 James Mark  
31 Tom Matthews  
32 David Murphy  
33 Oliver O'Callaghan  
34 Steve O'Herlihy  
35 Seb Purnell  
36 Tom Radford  
37 Dave Richards  
38 Rob Shields  
39 James Smith  
40 Jeremy Trost  
41 Aidan Victorin  
42 Matt Warren  
43 Nick Woodward  
44 Matt Wright  
45 Jack Cogan  
46 Steve Wheeler