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Match Report - 17 Apr 2011, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Tooting Bec Rovers

Tooting Feel The Force Of Rovers Shooting

Two games, two wins and 6 points was the reward for a tough, hot Sunday’s graft as we took a huge stride towards our ultimate aim of sealing the title. After a day in the sun it wasn’t just Rovers faces that were looking rosy. Take a look at the table. We’re now 3 points off the top, with a game in hand and a superior goal difference. That is our reward for the determination and desire shown throughout the season. We’re nearly there so let’s not rest on our laurels. Continue to show the same passion and commitment in the last 3 games and we will do it. One final push will see us through. This is our chance.

The games could not have been more different. In truth we struggled to break down a spirited and obstinate Tooting Bec Rovers in the 1st game and at sixty minutes we were in unfamiliar territory of being at 0-0. Thankfully our patience and quality brought huge rewards as once Nick had scored the opener, there was only going to be one winner as the floodgates opened. Not even a late goal from Tooting troubled us unduly. 3-1.

The floodgates then remained firmly open as we raced to an 8-0 half time lead in the second game, doing our goal difference a fantastic boost. As tiredness crept in we then created and missed a few chances in the second half but still managed to score to clinch a 9-0 win.

The goals this week are described by Nick Woodward.

Game 1

1-0 A fizzing goal kick, that looked impossible to control, was taken brilliantly by Woodward who struck the ball past the helpless keeper from 40 yards out with a left foot thunderbolt. Think a poor man’s Stankovic vs Schalke.

2-0 Woodward plays a through ball to Simon who takes it well by slotting past the keeper.

3-0 A clumsy bit of keeping by the Tooting goalie presents Woodward with the easiest of tap ins

Man of the Match. Against awkward and frustrating opponents one man kept going and scored a quality opener which got the team going. His numerous assists and goals often get taken for granted so it’s good to give some recognition here to Nick Woodward.

Game 2

1-0 Penalty straight down the middle from Bunny after being won by Bunny for being chopped down.

2-0 Gaz crosses into the box for Woodward to rise like Andy Carroll (his hero) to head the ball into the net.

3-0 Bunny with an opportunist tap in.

4-0 The ball breaks for Bunny just inside the box and he dispatches it into the the top corner for a first half hat trick.

5-0 Nick left foot curler from 25 yards, after beating one defender, straight into the top corner.

6-0 Simon scores from a rebound off the keeper.

7-0 Simon with a one on one which creeps into the bottom corner after Bunny wins the ball in midfield and plays a killer through ball. (Cheers for the detail in red Bunny –Kewy)

8-0 Dan beats a defender and finishes neatly at the near post past the hapless keeper. What an introduction from the new man, he’d only been on the field 2 minutes.

9-0 Gaz with a long range effort which the keeper drops into his own net.

Man of the Match. He continued his blinding scoring run and has emerged as a late contender for top goal scorer (only 20 odd to go!) A first half hat trick was immediately followed by a spell in an unfamiliar centre back position to give others a run out, without complaint. A top team player. Bunny.

And finally………..It’s a funny old game.

Sunday saw an absolute comic gem from the Chuckle Brothers, Adam Hill and Simon Birch. In the second match, with the ball bobbling around the area, both of them took a swing at the ball but only succeeded in kicking other’s heels and sending each other to the floor. There was a split second where both of them looked to appeal for a penalty before they realised what had happened and understood why everyone was wetting themselves laughing.

We also had a;

and a miss from Dave from a yard which took a bobble and skewed wide. I can only think he was surprised by receiving a inch perfect cross from Jim who had bombed down the wing with a truly remarkable turn of pace that has not been seen at his position of centre back all season. Had used that turn of pace in a recent half marathon there would’ve been no way his missus would have beaten him. I do definitely have a bit of thinking to do now about where to play Jim in future. Particularly for what happened just before full time…….

With a free kick on the edge of the area and Miles Birch desperate to take it and secure his first goal of the season, he and Jim staged a mock argument about who would take it (think Pat and Frank Butcher,) Jim then played it short to Miles who scampered into the box and was a lick of paint from scoring his debut goal as his shot rebounded off the post. It’ll come son.

Other important news

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Have a good Bank Holiday weekend.



Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers 3 - 1 Tooting Bec Rovers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Ollie Al Falah  
2 Charlie Benson  
3 Miles Birch  
4 Simon Birch   1
5 Dan Bryant  
6 Simon Carson  
7 Andy Carswell  
8 Ryan Cerenko  
9 Enza Lawal  
10 Charlie Cook  
11 James Daly  
12 Tony Diaz  
13 Saxon East  
14 Dan Endara  
15 Juan Endara  
16 Tom Falla  
17 Luke Fleming  
18 Jack Foreman  
19 Marcus Francis  
20 Jordan Gaskell  
21 Juan Carlos Giraldo  
22 Chris Godwin  
23 Dan Harley  
24 Adam Hill  
25 Stuart Holden  
26 Mark Hughes  
27 Graeme Keenan  
28 Chris Kew  
29 Thomas Lee  
30 Gaz Lloyd  
31 Nick MacAndrews  
32 James Mark  
33 David Murphy  
34 Steve O'Herlihy  
35 Mark Oliveira  
36 Luke Owen  
37 Eddie Phillips  
38 Seb Purnell  
39 Dave Richards  
40 Rob Stansfield  
41 Aidan Victorin  
42 Matthew Walker  
43 Matt Warren  
44 Nick Woodward   2 MOM
45 Matt Wright