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Match Report

Match Report - 28 Nov 2010, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat Star

Clapham Rovers A 6 - Star 3.

Our defeat of Star stretched our winning run to 8 games in conditions which can only be described as less than ideal (a large understatement.) The rock hard ground, frosty pitch and lack of grass didn't allow us to play our normal passing game and allowed the quicker, nippier Star into the game when they would've been dead and buried on a better pitch. We still sealed victory all the same and that's a good sign.

This week I actually wrote down what actually happened in the game in The Underdog afterwards rather than relying on my memory which is usually impaired by a post match session in Gigalum. Any mistakes this week are attributable to Matt, Bunny and Nick. Not my favourite Sunday pals, Mr Underdog, Mr Guinness and Mr Bulmers.

The Goals
1. Gaz - With the keeper in no man's land, Gaz received a pass from Simon and slotted it home. 1-0
2. After receiving a pass from the Hitman, Nick had a shot from the left hand corner of the area which went through the legs of at least 3 Star player's legs at a top speed of 7mph, nestling nicely in the bottom corner. 2-0
3. Luke bowls the ball out to Jordan who arrows a pass down the line which the Hitman runs on to. He's beng played on by a Linvoy Primus lookalike and he blasts the ball past the keeper into the centre of the net. BEST GOAL OF THE DAY. 3-0
4. Mark (playing at centre half,) finds himself streaking up the middle of the pitch where our 3 strikers should've been standing and slips the ball over the keeper. 4-1
5. Chris Godwin intercepting a poor goal kick from the keeper before employing the unusual tactic of chipping the keeper as he lay on the ground and then taking another touch to coax it home. Sublime skill or fluke, it was a goal all the same. 5-3
6. A classy finish from the sub (thus making me look like a managerial genius,) where he opened up his body on the left hand side of the box and stroked it home into the bottom right hand corner.

Star scored 2 scrappy goals which looked offside and also one absolute screamer into the bottom corner. Full credit to Jordan and Matt for some hugley important clearances off the line and those shots heading goal bound. Without these we would've been in trouble and our winning run would've been in doubt.

Auntie's Sporting Bloomers
1. Jim taking a free kick from about 40 yards out and putting it straight out for a goal kick.
2. Bunny spooning a shot out for a throw from a cut back into the box.

1. Seeing Mark playing at centre half, 10 yards ahead of the front 3 and slotting it in like a pro.
2. Jim skinning a Star defender on the byline with a Cruyff turn before crossing it in.

Man of the Match
Jordan - Playing in an unfamiliar right back role, Jordan got forward well, played some incisive passes and cleared 2 off the line to keep Star at bay. Top performance there son. You have been bestowed with the honour of the freedom of Clapham. This allows, free pints and chicken wings in The Underdog and the pick of the drunk foreign women in Gigalum. Enjoy.

Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers 6 - 3 Star ()

Name Goals Details
1 Ollie Al Falah  
2 Charlie Benson  
3 Miles Birch  
4 Simon Birch  
5 Dan Bryant  
6 Simon Carson  
7 Ryan Cerenko  
8 Rhys Cole  
9 Charlie Cook  
10 Tony Diaz  
11 Saxon East  
12 Tom Falla  
13 Luke Fleming  
14 Jordan Gaskell   MOM
15 Chris Godwin   2
16 Dan Harley   1
17 Adam Hill  
18 Stuart Holden  
19 Mark Hughes  
20 Graeme Keenan  
21 Chris Kew  
22 Thomas Lee  
23 Gaz Lloyd   1
24 Marcus Francis  
25 James Mark  
26 David Murphy  
27 Mark Oliveira   1
28 Luke Owen  
29 Eddie Phillips  
30 Seb Purnell  
31 Dave Richards  
32 Rob Stansfield  
33 Matthew Walker  
34 Matt Warren  
35 Matt Wright  
36 Nick Woodward   1
37 James Daly  
38 Juan Carlos Giraldo  
39 Nick MacAndrews  
40 Andy Carswell  
41 A.N. Other  
42 A.N. Other  
43 A.N. Other  
44 A.N. Other  
45 A.N. Other