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Match Report - 10 Oct 2010, Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers beat PSJ

Last Sunday saw Clapham Rovers go marching on into the second round of the world renowned Bert Gaby Challenge Cup with an 11-0 win vs PSJ.

This was a very comfortable win indeed against a poor PSJ side. The London traffic and the fact that Steve O'H was projectile vomiting all over Nick's company car meant that Clapham kicked off with 10 men. This didn't matter because PSJ had only 9 sorry souls. The 9 of PSJ stood quivering in their own half before the start of the game like chickens in a KFC. Both teams would eventually have 11 men on the field but PSJ would be no match for the muscular, brute force of the Clapham Rovers men. Indeed the PSJ manager attempted to play the first half while on the phone directing players to the ground. Only if those players were Maradona, Norman Hunter, Roy Keane and Pele would it have made any difference.

There were so many goals I can't remember all of them but these get a mention for sticking in my mind. Dan 'The Hitman' Harley also deserves a mention for being a right sneaky beggar and trying to claim 2 goals when in fact he had only scored 1.

1. Nick; a left footed thunder bolt from the edge of the area.
2. Bunny opens his account for the season.
3. Juan (a 5 foot Ecuadorian playing under the pseudonym of James Mark - "we call him Juan because he looks Spanish. Honest, ref ") scores a great right footed goal from the right corner of the area which nestles nicely in the left hand corner of the net.
4. Marcus scores his debut goal with a fantastic half volley from the left hand corner of the area which goes in off the bar from 25 yards. Echoes of Yeboah.
5. The Hitman lobs a defender with a pass to Gaz who then lobs the keeper. Lovely.

MOM goes to Nick for his 3 goals and 3 assists.

It was also nice to see Sheva make his debut on goal and spare everyone the pain and heart palputations of watching me play in goal.

PSJ 0 - 11 Clapham Rovers Clapham Rovers ()

Name Goals Details
1 Ollie Al Falah  
2 Charlie Benson  
3 Miles Birch  
4 Simon Birch  
5 Dan Bryant  
6 Simon Carson  
7 Ryan Cerenko  
8 Rhys Cole  
9 Charlie Cook  
10 Tony Diaz  
11 Saxon East  
12 Tom Falla  
13 Luke Fleming  
14 Jordan Gaskell   1
15 Chris Godwin  
16 Dan Harley   1
17 Adam Hill  
18 Stuart Holden  
19 Mark Hughes  
20 Graeme Keenan  
21 Chris Kew  
22 Thomas Lee  
23 Gaz Lloyd   2
24 Marcus Francis   1
25 James Mark   1
26 David Murphy  
27 Mark Oliveira  
28 Luke Owen  
29 Eddie Phillips  
30 Seb Purnell  
31 Dave Richards  
32 Rob Stansfield  
33 Matthew Walker  
34 Matt Warren   1
35 Matt Wright  
36 Nick Woodward   3
37 A.N. Other  
38 A.N. Other  
39 A.N. Other  
40 A.N. Other  
41 A.N. Other  
42 A.N. Other  
43 A.N. Other  
44 A.N. Other  
45 A.N. Other