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Match Report

Match Report - 19 Sep 2010, Clapham Rovers A Clapham Rovers drew with Lambeth United

We are off and running! Sunday saw us take a hard fought 1-1 draw against Lambeth United. We created a sackful of chances and were unlucky on several occasions due to last ditch defending and strange refereeing decisions. Our goal was hilarious. We have to thank the Lambeth keeper for wearing his Teflon gloves. With no-one around him he leapt like a tubby salmon for the cross and allowed the ball to slip from his grasp and go over his head. Lambeth did hit the post and the bar but the point was particularly well earned considering we played the entire match with 10 men. Had we had 11, 3 points would've been much more likely.

Clapham Rovers A Clapham Rovers 1 - 1 Lambeth United ()

Name Goals Details
1 Ollie Al Falah  
2 Dave Baynes  
3 Miles Birch  
4 Simon Birch  
5 Simon Carson  
6 Andy Carswell  
7 Ryan Cerenko  
8 Bill Cogan  
9 Jack Cogan  
10 Rhys Cole  
11 Charlie Cook  
12 Tom Falla  
13 Luke Fleming  
14 Leigh Gammons  
15 Rogem Gonzales  
16 Dan Harley  
17 Adam Hill  
18 Stuart Holden  
19 Will Holme  
20 Mark Hughes  
21 John Jones  
22 Chris Kew  
23 Dave Kitchen  
24 Thomas Lee  
25 Gaz Lloyd  
26 Sean Lyons  
27 Tom Mackean  
28 James Mark  
29 Tom Matthews  
30 David Murphy  
31 Steve O'Herlihy  
32 Eddie Phillips  
33 Seb Purnell  
34 Dave Richards  
35 Rob Stansfield  
36 Matthew Walker  
37 Matt Warren  
38 Matt Wright  
39 Chris Godwin  
40 Jack Foreman  
41 A.N. Other  
42 A.N. Other  
43 A.N. Other  
44 A.N. Other  
45 A.N. Other