Clapham Rovers

Match Report

Match Report - 25 Oct 2009, Result not entered


The less said about the game on Sunday the better. We had 2 pullouts from an already depleted squad on Sunday morning and so rocked up with 10. Even at this level there's not much point in playing with 10 from the off. I mused to Kewy at the end of the game that in over a year of playing Sunday league football, over 30 odd games, we have never once come up against an opposition with less than 11 players. And yet we ourselves have taken to the field with less than a full complement on probably 10 occasions. That says a lot about people's commitment. So we've decided to introduce a fining system. If you have to pull out for some reason then you must do so by Saturday at 2pm at the latest. Anyone who pulls out after that time will be fined 15 quid. That's your 5 quid match fee that someone else has had to cover on your behalf plus a 10 quid fine. If you refuse to pay it, you will be removed from this mailing list.

We lost 3-0. In truth we didn't have a sniff apart from a penalty at the end which we missed. By that time the game was lost and it made no difference to the result. Thankyou to all those who did turn up and put in a hell of a lot of effort. Special mention must go to Bunny who worked his arse off in centre mid and was our man of the match.

Let's forget about this result and move on.