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Jordan Gaskell profile

  • Jordan Gaskell played his first game for Clapham Rovers A after being called up by Gaz 10 minutes before kick off. As he was in Clapham at the time and the game was in Barnes, his career for the club began on the 37th minute of the 1st half and he's been making up for lost time ever since. A pacy right winger or centre forward he has a canny knack of being in the right place at the right time to score vital goals. When Arsene Wenger was looking for a 'Fox in the Box' instead of blowing £8,000,000.00 on Francis 'Whatever happened to him' Jeffers he should have picked up the boy Gaskell. He also adds to our 'Inbetweeners' connection by naming the girl who plays 'Carly,' as a former girlfriend. All we need now is for someone to bum the bloke who plays 'Will' and we should have all bases covered.

Performance history
Season 2011/2012180000
Season 2010/11193000