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  • Ryan "Sheva" Cerenko

  • Sheva is a keeper who is apparently better at 5 a side than 11 a side. In that case, he must be a goalkeeping demi-god at 5 a side. His calmness under pressure, shot stopping ability and handling have benefitted Clapham Rovers' goal against column which was regularly under pressure from a certain Mr Kew clowning about in the nets on a far too regular basis. Another thespian, his involvement has raised rumours of a name change from Clapham Rovers A to Thespian FC amongst the fans. If this boy ever introduces me to Megan Fox, i'll definitely consider it.

Performance history
Season 2022/2310000
Season 2021/2290000
Season 2020/2190000
Season 2019/2080000
Season 2018/19160000
Season 2016/17100000
Season 2015/16180000
Season 2014/15190000
Season 2013/14150000
Season 2012/2013110000
Season 2011/2012180000
Season 2010/11210000